Valentin Diard

DevLog #1: March 2021

2021-03-31 13:10:06.896138

Hello everyone!

This month is the return of activity on this blog with on overall rework of this site. For short history, I opened this website during my first year at Epitech, with the python Flask library, with experience it was really hard to use and to upgrade. So I'm decided to maintain Flask choice but I'm change the architecture. Now this website not prefect but I can add new content and feature with lesser work, the backend code is now more modular and run with docker, which make deployment of a new version less painful.

The second major point of this month was the return of Tetra-Engine development. Suspended during 2020, I think I can retake this project. Even if this project is currently private, thank to course book on computer graphics, experience on software design acquire during 2020, I have begun the development of a PoC with module loading, input management and basic 2D graphics during the last week of this month. I hope delivered a public release of this code during the month of april or may 2021. Tetra Engine will be a C++ linux based and personal game engine, with the objective to serve as a experimental development plateform in computer graphics and video game technology. When Tetra Engine will be able to be a functionnal game engine, I will use it during some game jam to improve it.

This that all for this month.

I will try to maintain this format the as long as possible, to improve my english level, project communication skill and keeping the motivation on my project.

Thank for reading this article of my boring person XD.